The Patented Pick-Up Truck Stake Pocket Anchor System...  Not Just Another Tie-Down
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is 2 accessories in one. It is a versatile attaching system for many popular bed-mounted accessories and is the strongest tie-down on the market. It installs quickly, looks great and is built to last.
Superior Strength
During independent laboratory testing the POCKET-LOK mounting system is clearly the strongest unit available. POCKET-LOK's 500 pound safety rating means your load or attached accessories are secure. Expanding Rubber Block tie-downs failed with a straight pull test of less than 120 pounds and Butterfly Toggle tie-downs failed at just over 300 pounds. It took 1,145 pounds to pull the POCKET-LOK System through the stake pocket leaving the anchor plate undamaged.
POCKET-LOK's low profile flush design will enhance the look of any truck. The top locator plate and screws can be painted to match your truck's color for that finished custom look.
POCKET-LOK is the ultimate system for mounting camper shells. It eliminates the need for C-clamps which are bulky and do not positively locate the shell. Also, C-clamps require a hole-saw cut in over-the-rail liners which voids most liner warranties. Not so with POCKET-LOK! As an added bonus, POCKET-LOK can be used as a tie-down when the camper shell is on or off the truck. With POCKET-LOK you can go from sport truck, to work truck, to camper by quickly removing and installing your various POCKET-LOK mounted accessories.
Easy Installation
POCKET-LOK's easy installation eliminates the need to drill holes into the truck bed. A phillips screwdriver is the only tool needed.